what I'm working on

Website Setup

I finally bit the bullet and made one of those static websites everyone talks about. It's incredibly simple and boring, exactly the way I like it. If I hadn't already created this, I would've been eyeballing Lichen.

Staying Active

I've been going to the gym for a couple of months now. It's exactly what I'd wanted to get back into, and I'm so glad I made time for it again.


The car remains at the repair place. It's been over ten months now. My insurer can go piss up a rope.


Trying to get things bedded down in terms of reliability and performance. We managed a decent-sized upgrade this weekend and the parts that I have been taking care of ended up being very simple.


Working through:

  • Learning Janet and Gleam
  • Raytracer Challenge (Clojure)
  • Fighting with NixOS modules and configs

Author: dmao

Created: 2024-03-19 Tue 11:52