Site Layout

What is the landing page for? How does it relate to the rest? Am I interested in publishing select journals/journal pieces? Should I automate the LinkRoll in some way?

I'm guessing the front page should probably be CV-oriented? Also, I probably need to start filing job and work opportunities as I encounter them. Especially because TRC apparently messed up with the job description?


Track training, PBs.

What do I bring?

  • Not being well-read, unless I change my habits.
  • I'm pretty well-versed in games, I guess.
    • But not in a critical sense, unless I develop that muscle.
  • I'm okay with emacs and Nix, I guess?
    • I feel like I need to perfect my config, but maybe the journey and talking through it is more valuable.
    • This would at least give me a chance to rationalise what I have already?


I'd like to have some sense of where I've been, what I've done, reflections on travel?

Author: dmao

Created: 2024-03-19 Tue 11:52